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So what do we actually do?  Well, let's start off with what this company originated from.  Simply put, a clothing company.  We started designing and selling our own stuff.  Then we started to print our own stuff.  From there, the demand grew for custom printed orders and we became a full fledged screen printing company.  After a while, clients would ask us to design their ideas and print it on a shirt for them.  So we added graphic designer to our repertoire.  And most recently, we've added videographer for events and company videos.


Mike Nakashima  |  Owner 

He’ll be the first one to tell you he’s not the smartest or even the most creative.  But the one thing he has going for him is his unrelenting confidence to make something work.  He believes if you can adapt to what you're given, then everything will work out swimmingly in the end.  

Direct email: mike@ourownstyle.com

Cole Koyanagi  |  Video Consultant

Cole is predominately a consultant for the videography aspect of the company.  He's self-taught in all things videography which is something that we can appreciate.  And quite honestly, it's something we prefer.  Aside from videography, he is an avid car enthusiast and loves experiencing new and exciting things.

Brandon Nakashima  |  Consultant

The younger brother of Mike, Brandon helps out when he can.  Although he has a normal 9-5, he still participates in everything that deals with OOS.  He is also the unofficial photographer for OOS.  


James Masukawa  |  Brand Ambassador 

He's got one of the hardest jobs out of everyone!  Not only does he help create brand awareness but he also listens to feedback and relays it to us so we can create better products.  James is a natural fit for this position since he didn't need to be sold on what the company does.


Oliver Oakes  |  Video Editor & Designer 

Coming soon.